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3-Day Boot Camp on Acing Internship Applications


About the Bootcamp :

We rolled an application for Internship a few days back and we received a humongous response for the same. We had to choose 10 candidates from around 500 applications. While shortlisting the CVs, our team observed a huge difference between the qualities of CVs sent by students.

Also, after comparing every CV along with hundreds of other CVs which were mailed to us including the 10 which we had selected, we reached a conclusion that every student somewhat possesses a similar set of achievements in their CV. The difference is made by the representation and formatting skills used in making of the CV as well as the cover letters. Thus, fostering our aim for a more equal legal fraternity, we have decided to organize a ‘BOOT CAMP FOR ACING INTERNSHIP APPLICATIONS’ where we would be giving you all the possible inputs on the subject, followed by a live tutorial session where students from different National Law Universities would be sharing with you all the expertise which they hold in this field. We would then give you ‘5 CV templates’ which are followed by top National Law Universities as well as widely acknowledged by the top tier law firms in the Industry. You will then be required to make your CV in those formats which would be assessed and evaluated by our team. We wanted to make this Boot Camp open for all but due to our organizational limitations as well as the delicate nature of the work which will require personal attention on every individual, we have decided to limit the participation for up to 100 students on a ‘ first come first serve’ basis. We also payed due importance on the fact that students are dependent on their parents for money and in order to save them from any considerable financial burden, we have only kept ‘Rs199 ‘ as the training fee which only includes the expenses which the organization needs to bear in order to host the event.

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